Robin Sharma “Lessons From Lake Como”

I’m on Lake Como in Northern Italy. In a writing room. I rise with the sun. Write. And drink more strong coffee than I need to.

During the past weeks, I’ve been blessed to have been able to share the Lead Without a Title message that seems to be my life’s calling with audiences in Nairobi, Atlanta (for The Coca-Cola Company), Mauritius, Colombo and Cape Town. I’ve met businesspeople from every imaginable industry, had conversations with political leaders and shared laughs with taxi drivers.

Here are some of the fast takeaways from this trip across multiple time zones:

1. Every moment in front of another human being is an OPPORTUNITY to express your highest values and best self.

2. No matter where you go, people treat you the way you treat them.

3. No work is unimportant work. Even the most seemingly insignificant job is a chance to show us your creativity and make a contribution.

4. “Perfect Moments” can happen in the least likely of places.

5. Mastery Matters.

6. If you’re not lifting others up, you’re bringing others down.

7. This time is the BEST time for each of us to show our leadership+virtuosity+humanity.

8. We each have the responsibility to Lead Without a Title and do our part to build a better world through world-class work and stepping into our best selves.

Keep Leading Without A Title.



Finally I’m here “TSEPMAN” is here. Hi Guys this Ayanda Tsepang Ngcwabe. It is my first time to join this  world of BLOGS. I hope its gonna be interesting and its gonna bring fun too.

I will spend the first few weeks trying to adapt to this world please be patient.

I will use this Blog to introduce myself to the world. This blog is gonna be my point of departure. Those who know me very well will tell you that I have been saying “I’m a bomb that will soon explode”. That bomb currently is in a ticking state so you better watch out and be careful.

Ayeyeye “Lets do it” Siyabangena (we are entering them)!!!


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